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Boutique Hotel and Restaurant By Juuls is open. We follow the guidelines and advice of RIVM and the Safety region Zeeland. It is very important to be extra alert on hygiene and to take measures for this. Read more about the measures we take here.

In order to be able to receive guests in our hotel and restaurant, required adjustments and revised procedures have to be made, but also the flexibility of the employees to work in a different way. In this way, the safety and health of both our employees and our guests is guaranteed to the maximum. For this purpose, we have drawn up the following guidelines to supplement our existing house rules.

General guidelines for staff and guests

  • In case of a mild cold (sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, slight coughing) or fever, we stay at home.
  • We keep a distance of 1.5 metres, do not shake hands and call each other to account if this is not done.
  • We wash our hands regularly, cough and sneeze on the inside of our elbow and use paper tissues to blow our nose.
  • To ensure the safety and health of our staff and guests, the instructions of the hotel management must be followed at all times.
  • Everyone works with their own cleaning products or materials. After use, we leave these neat and clean for our colleagues.

Additional guidelines:


  • Cleaning the room and/or repairing a technical defect is only allowed when the guest is not present in the room.
  • During your stay, you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in your room. Due to the measures taken, it is not possible to sit down and have something to eat in the grand cafĂ© or restaurant.
  • Floor stickers are used in the public areas. This makes it immediately clear whether sufficient distance can be/will be kept.
  • We ask our guests to pay contactless as much as possible. Should a guest nevertheless come into contact with the terminal, we will disinfect it after each contact.

Lunch and dinner

  • Between 11.00 and 22.00 you can enjoy your lunch in our restaurant or terrace.
  • At 21.45 the last round takes place and after this it is no longer possible to order. The restaurant and terrace close at 22.00 hrs.
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 50 persons inside and 50 persons outside.
  • There is also a maximum of 4 people per table (excluding households).
  • On arrival, a health check and registration will be done.
  • You can make a reservation in advance via the Resengo icon at the bottom right of the webpage.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory when moving around inside the restaurant.