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Bij Juuls is the ideal location for everyone who likes to start the day relaxed or wants to relax halfway through the day. And of course you are welcome here to end the day in style. Our kitchen serves tempting dishes with flavours from all over the world. Combined with the best wines, you will experience unforgettable moments here.


By Juuls stimulates your senses. With the regularly changing menu, we know how to charm both meat and fish lovers, as well as guests who like to eat vegan. Whether you choose lunch or dinner, you will be seduced by worldly smells, tastes and colours. The special ingredients, surprising combinations and contemporary presentation of chef Elise van Haasteren and her kitchen team make lunch or dinner at By Juuls an unforgettable experience. Of course you are also welcome for a drink. The drinks menu is far from standard and offers you the possibility to compose your own drinks board.

Of course, we have composed our wine and drinks menu with the same care. Many drinks have an organic origin. They are carefully selected and fit perfectly with the dishes on our menu.

The atmosphere at By Juuls is as you would expect in a seaside resort such as Domburg: atmospheric and relaxed. We welcome with equal pleasure a couple in love for an intimate dinner and a larger group for a delicious Sunday lunch. Be sure to bring your children. The adapted portions allow them to get acquainted with many worldly flavours.

At By Juuls, we understand what you need. Delicious dishes and the best wines. Sit back and relax. We will gladly take care of it for you.

Discover the menu of By Juuls.


Want to reserve a table? Please do! Simply click on the beige Resengo icon (bottom right of the page) and fill in your details. Of course you can also call us. You can reach us at telephone number 0118-715039.


For breakfast lovers of the relaxed kind, By Juuls is the place to start the day. Everything is homemade with as much as possible organic and seasonal products. About the coffee we can be brief: it is good. How do you start your day? With a crispy fresh croissant and freshly squeezed orange juice? An egg to go with it or do you go for classics, like scrambled eggs or French toast? Or do you prefer yoghurt, granola and fresh fruit? Make your choice, because this is your By Juuls moment. After that, the day can begin.


During the holidays you can enjoy culinary delights in our restaurant. The menus consist of various fish and meat dishes, but vegan is also possible. The menus We advise you to book in time.

  • December 25, reservations possible between 18.00 and 19.00 hrs.
    • 4 course dinner, € 65,- p.p.
    • 5-course dinner, € 79,- p.p.
  • 26 December, reservations possible between 18.00 and 19.00 hrs.
    • 4 course dinner, € 65,- p.p.
    • 5-course dinner, € 79,- p.p.